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Calculation example: with a loan amount of USD 100,000 at 10% per annum, for a period of 1 year, the total amount to be repaid will be equal to: USD 105,499.06, with a monthly payment: USD 8791.59. The consequences of not paying the loan are regulated by the legislation of USA.

     What is open account debt

    “I was not approved for a loan. I have a bad credit history." You must have often heard such phrases. Yes, in order to get a loan at any bank or microfinance organization, you need to meet certain requirements. Among them is the presence of a positive credit history. What lenders pay attention to when issuing a loan, what does a credit history mean and what you need to know

    When using a loan?

    Apply for a loan now, If you have ever taken a loan, then you have a credit history. Information about how good a payer you were is stored in a database. When did you take out a loan, in what currency, how did you repay it on time? Depending on this, you may have a positive or negative credit history. If you pay on time, you will have a positive credit history and a high score, and if you are late with payments, you will have a negative credit history.

    The reason for a negative credit history can also be non-payment of a loan or current debt. In such cases, banks avoid approving a new loan because the risk that the customer will not be able to repay the loan is high Iowa