How to get a car loan without a certificate of income?Maryland

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    How to get a car loan without a certificate of income?

    Trying to get a car loan while you're unemployed can be a daunting task. Lenders need to see that you have a steady income in order to feel more confident that you will make payments and make them on time.
    The good news is that "income" is not only synonymous with "salary".
    Just as unemployment benefits are a form of (temporary) income, other forms of income may be available to you in addition to wages. Some of them may even qualify as consistent enough to be considered for an auto loan.
    Examples of alternative sources of income that can be listed on an auto loan application include:
    Social protection.
    Alimony or other support payments.
    rental income.
    investment dividends.
    Your credit score will be assessed when the lender decides whether to approve you for car financing. Regardless of employment status or source of income, you must have an adequate credit score and sufficient income to qualify for funding